BLOOM WITH BOUND - Bound Studios


For every flower, it takes time to bloom.
When we take care of a plant, we make sure it gets enough sunlight, we give it attention, we make sure the ground is nutritious enough so the plant has a strong foundation. We make sure it can ground down its roots.
During the growing process, we stay patient. We make sure it’s growing in the right direction and adjust it when needed. We try and take care of everything with grace. Even when it's hard.
What doesn't seem to meet the fast pace of reality we live in, is all the growth beneath the surface, which takes the longest. This part is actually the most important, without it, the flower can not bloom. 
Slowly but surely, it grows day by day. On its own pace, like flowers, we grow too. We evolve even on days that feel so slow we wonder where the time went. Even at times when we feel most stuck.
And so we grow, we bloom, we glow. When it is our time to shine, we blossom. Every flower, every person, in their own time. There is no reason to rush. There is no perfect timeline. 
In the end we all bloom in our own way.
Bloom with Bound. We’ll grow through this together.
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