Don’t miss a bling

This summer, we suggest adding a glowy touch to your look. We hear you love to pamper yourself with fine jewelry and a beautiful outfit for your upcoming vacation. To complete your summer look, Bound Studios has a collection of jewelry that will make you shine so brightly, that even the sun will envy you.
From bold rings to little sparkling rings, you'll be spoiled with different choices when it comes to accessorizing your best summer outfits. Thanks to our collection of European made jewelry, discover our sustainable jewelry, made of the most precious materials, and ethically made in Portugal.

What could be better for this summer? Starting with the Kendal Hoops, a nice pair of gold-plated hoops, also available in solid 14k gold and sterling silver. Its thickness will bring a tiny pop of shiny gold through your hair. Because seeing this
beautiful gold between your beach waves could not be any more beautiful. A gorgeous style for evenings on the beach. Why not fall for the lovely Sunny Hoops? These beautiful creoles with small red gems will bring sparkles to your summer outfit. Not only to brighten up the look, but the hint of red also symbolizes self-love and independence. As a woman, all those values are essential, so it's a BIG YES for these beautiful earrings, made in Portugal.
In this beautiful summer evening, how will you accessorize your look? Bound Studios offers you our beautiful Harley Bracelet.

Just with these large unique links, you'll be the center of attention. Why
overdo it when simplicity is enough? A pretty dress and this beautiful recycled 18k gold-plated bracelet, and you're all set for a flawless look and all that, with responsible jewelry.