Bound Studios is a journey that started when I was a 4 year old little girl listening to my mom talking about working in the jewelry industry all over Europe.

To 6 years later when I, Malu was having big dreams of becoming a fashion designer and attending several fashion camps at a young age.

Fast forward to becoming a devoted passionate vegan for nearly 5 years while becoming aware of the state of our beloved planet and developing a passion for finding new ways of sustainably enjoying fashion in this day and age.

To now. 3 years of bringing all three aspect together of sustainable jewelry design for you to enjoy premium jewelry with a low footprint.



BOUND STUDIOS is a women run jewelry brand. Your go to for
your sustainable, bold, modern & elegant designs. European made.

We are known for use of high quality recycled sterling silver and our premium 18k gold plating. Our silver rings are plated rhodium to avoid oxidation and our gold plated rings with 3 micron 18k gold. This is 3-6 times more than most gold plated rings. "Never kinda take me off" rings? No problem. All our jewelry is also available in solid 14k gold. Made to order.

Offering an amusing & personal shopping experience while you choose your favorite jewelry from our timeless designs with1 year warranty.



We took the responsibility of climate change and are committed to be a low footprint online jewelry brand. We make this happen by manufacturing everything in Europe with recycled sterling silver, European made plastic free packaging and not using any animal related materials (no pearls, feathers or leather are used). 

All our premium recycled metals are ethically sourced, no living beings nor planet is harmed in the process. You will only find premium recycled sterling silver and 18k gold, sustainably sourced gemstones and crystals back in our designs.

Sustainability for us means; using recycled materials for our jewelry, being a plastic free jewelry brand, working with external companies that have good working conditions, not believing in fast fashion and only using vegan precious metals. Making lasting sustainable jewelry that you want and can wear for every occasion.

Don’t want to waste a jewelry box. polish cloth and personal note? Let us know in the comment section before you place your order.



Malu Ultee, founder of Bound Studios, started Bound at the age of 22 with an inspired mind to love & create. Born and raised in Amsterdam by a forward thinking and independent entrepreneurial single mother; Malu was born to be driven & creative with her own sense of style. One day bold, one day elegant, always essential.

Our mission is to be your go to sustainable jewelry brand for all your bold, elegant & essential jewelry with timeless designs. Classic jewelry for the modern society, ethically made in Europe.

The vision that drives use every day; is to be able to enjoy beautiful things, express our creativity and style without plundering our beloved planet earth. Being kind to all living things - and still being able to enjoy premium quality pieces in your life.

Dedicated to provide you with the best online shopping experience, every time.