Christmas jewelry

We all know that jewelry are the most sentimental gifts. It has been a classic  tradition for generations and we don't see it ending anytime soon. Jewelry is a gift that tells a story and writes a little love story between the jewelry design you wear every single day & the memories you have wearing them. 

All our fine jewelry is sustainably made in Portugal from precious and premium recycled materials. The sustainable jewelry is designed to lasts a life time (sterling silver jewelry & solid gold jewelry). The timeless bold jewelry on our jewelry webshop is designed to never go out of style. When less is more, there is Bound Studios.

Minimalistic jewelry that never goes out of style. As the hypoallergenic jewelry is timeless, our jewelry gifts are for everyone / every age / every being. 

All you need to know to gift our sustainable jewelry is if the receiver wears silver or gold. From then you can see what budget you have for your Christmas jewelry gift. 

The best fine jewelry gifts start at €30 and can go up to solid gold around a minimum of €200/€600. 

No one ever regretted receiving timeless gold earrings of sterling silver hoops. They can go with every outfit, every single day.