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Our Sustainability Efforts

It is no longer a surprise how bad the impact of the jewelry industry is on the environment. Land has been dugged, water has been polluted, forest has been ruined, and excessive waste has continuously been produced. 


We are aware of how these damages can lead to a devastating future for our planet. Hence why we decided to take action as a brand to protect our mother earth.


Our efforts start from the root, the production. 

When silver and gold are extracted by small-scale miners, this leads to large emissions of mercury to air, soil, and water. Resulting in huge environmental and health damages, such as soil erosion, deforestation, and water pollution. Other than its impact on the environment, millions of gold miners earn low wages while working long hours under dangerous working conditions. That is why, in Bound Studios, we only work with recycled sterling silver, recycled 14K solid gold, and recycled 18K gold gold plating for our jewelry. Understanding that recycled metals are just as good as newly mined metals, we decided to go for a sustainable option. Recycled metals omit the whole process of processing new metal, thus saving 94% more energy. You might think, “but even if you use recycled metals, other companies would still continue to use newly mined metals”, and yes that is correct. Unfortunately, using recycled metals does not take the negative impact of mining. However, by recycling existing metals, at least we are not adding more harm to the environment and hopefully not only inspire you but also other jewelry brands that it can still be fine luxury in a sustainable way. 


Another sustainable effort we took is that we do not use any animal-related materials, such as pearls.

Though it has been discussed that pearls can be considered cruelty-free, PETA argues that the harvesting process is not cruelty-free. As pearls are produced by oysters due to stress, it has to be extracted through overharvesting which involves the process of surgically opening each oyster, inserting an irritant in it, and further stressing the oysters throughout the process. This results in only a few oysters surviving. In the Chesapeake Bay, less than 1% of the historic density of oysters remains due to overharvesting. Acknowledging these facts, we thought that there are so many other options for us to produce beautiful jewelry without harming any living things. This leads to our current collection of sustainable and cruelty-free jewelry.


As the cherry on top of our beautiful sustainable collection, we only go for timeless designs. 

As trends come and go, we are aware that purchasing trendy items can lead to negative impacts on the environment. Once the trend has gone away, this can lead to an excessive amount of waste and pollution risks. Especially, when its prices are affordable, not only that workers are not being treated ethically but it is also easier to let go because no value in the item was present. That is why timeless designs are the go-to. Other than it being a classic, timeless jewelry is very good for the environment. We also offer timeless jewelry in 14K solid gold to give more options for customers who want to invest in jewelry that is meant to last, be kept, and worn for a long time!


Our continuous efforts continue through our partnership with Tree Sisters. Tree Sisters is a women-led charity and use 80% of our donation for reforestation program and 20% for feminine empowerment and social change. Instead of mass monoplanting, they look at every area on how they can restore and protect the forest. Through this collaboration, we plant 2 trees per order as a way to protect our beloved planet.

We do not just stop there. We are continuously striving to make the earth a better place for the future. Follow our journey as a sustainable brand and start taking actions to protect our beloved planet.

Jewelry made sustainable start to finish, packed and shipped in packaging made from recycled paper and organic cotton.

Be you, be bound.

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