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Is our jewelry hypoallergenic?

This is a question we've been asked more than ever before. Since the rise of stainless steel jewelry there have been more cases of inflamed/irritated skin. And therefor more researchers have been diving into the heavy metals that cause these symptoms. The main toxic compounds are Nickel, Cadmium and sometimes Zinc when it comes in contact with oxygen or any kind of acids.

Stainless steel is a great cheap metal and often used with gold plated jewelry. A lot of jewelry brands use gold colored stainless steel - so when the gold plating fades off, the jewelry will stay gold.

The reason why we don't use stainless steel is because at Bound Studios we want to provide jewelry for everyone. And using recycled precious premium metals as sterling silver and 18k gold - known for being hypoallergenic - makes that happen. By plating our rings with 3 micron instead of 1 / makes it possible for the gold plated rings to stay gold and for you to enjoy your Bound Studios pieces for every look.

Bold. Elegant. Hypoallergenic. 
All for you to be more you, be more bound.
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