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Warum weniger mehr ist

In a world with an abundance of options, for us minimalism has never been more intriguing. At BOUND, we believe that less is more. Especially for a solid jewelry foundation. Jewelry that you can built upon. And we do the same in our entire wardrobe.

Minimalism often sounds boring, plain and impersonal. As you might wonder how you can express your authentic self with boring white tees. But for us that is the complete opposite. Choosing timeless pieces that reflect your identity, that are made from high quality yet are ethically made create a personal wardrobe that you can play around with.

This also doesn't mean that you can't explore items you've never worn before or hop on a trend that aligns with who you are or who you want to be. Many of us once made a bold fashion move that later turned out to be a total flop. But we learn from it.

Within the less is more mindset, the small details in a minimalistic designs with a slight edge say so much more than big, perhaps colorful items. We love bold - but we keep it minimal. We encourage mindful consumption, and preferably ethical practices like we do.

Buying something that is an absolute flop for you, doesn't mean that you should be hard on yourself, beat yourself up or feel guilty about the state of the planet. There are so many possibilities to sell it to someone who might love it through second hand websites or it might become your best friends favorite staple piece.

At BOUND we opt for minimalistic jewelry where the craftsmanship takes the spotlight. A good golden hoop earring can elevate any look, everyday. Having enough staples to listen to your mood that day and go from there.
A stack of silver rings you wear 24/7 - so you have that sorted and you don't have to think about what to put on your fingers everyday.

Minimalistic living, where less is more, is very personal. We're not here to tell you what to do. But it would be interesting for you to think about what works best for you.

If you're very busy, good jeans, good quality tees and a pair of large earrings can be your go-to. If you come home every night wanting to watch a show and call it a day, not wanting to think about taking off your essentials or when you stay the night at your partners, golden hoops that are great for sleeping might be more your thing. We don't judge, we're here to support in an ethical way.

For us minimalism is to have a good collection of staples that makes your life easier. Which can be in any shape or form that suits you best. For us, less is more, is about choosing quality, being honest with yourself if you're actually going to wear it, focus on investment pieces and also actually using what you have. Buying what you'll wear instead of having it part of the clutter in your home.

Looking to add sustainable jewelry essentials to your jewelry collection? Explore our designs here.

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