We design with you and our planet in mind. Crafted from repurposed materials while an abundance of styling options.

Minimalistic + conscious. With a modern twist.

Mix and match this look with organic shaped golden rings, gold and silver rings sets, an elegant chain bracelet and you're ready for the day.

Whether you're looking for a necklace set, additional everyday golden hoop earrings or simply a pop of color, this ethical jewelry look is a breath of fresh air. It is elegant, bold and expressive at the same time.

Designed to be mixed and matched with other of our signature BOUND sustainable jewelry.

We wanted to make gemstone jewelry more accessible for the modern day woman. As we believe that the power of gemstones isn't only for those who embrace the designs that are out there. We felt that the modern classics with a twist of gemstone necklaces and gemstone hoop earrings simply weren't there.

We are beyond exited about the response and the people that have been wearing our first gemstone collection with so much pride and authenticity. Shop and explore our gold and silver hoop earrings with a bold gemstone + our gemstone necklaces.

We love to wear it with a good elegantly bold gold chain necklace but you know what looks best on you and we're here to encourage that.

This look is simply to inspire.