Summer proof solid gold jewelry (sunscreen proof)

The sun is starting to come through, you look forward to hearing waves and feeling the warmth of the sand. But to complete your lovely holiday outfit, you need the perfect sustainable jewelry. At Bound Studios, we now offer premium quality solid 14k gold jewelry, to give you the best long-lasting jewelry, ethically made in Europe. Because as we all know being sustainable, bold, & elegant in 2022 is a must. Do you never feel like taking off your bold jewelry? Want to shower and swim with your fine jewelry? This is made possible with our solid gold sustainable jewelry pieces.

Thanks to our timeless designs that are ethically made in Portugal, you can now wear high-quality solid 14k gold pieces all summer long, to shine even more than the sun. Our solid gold jewelry is made to order, for you with high-quality craftsmanship and care. Make it official with our essential rings or timeless earrings that fit any style and any occasion.

Whether it’s our new oval hoops or classic fine jewelry, you will find the perfect jewelry piece for your soulmate that will last a lifetime. A ride-or-die kinda piece. A jewelry piece that will become a part of you. With BOUND, you can complete your look and make it special with recycled precious materials, made to last. What if one of our fine rings was a future family jewelry piece? That is why as jewelry addicts, we suggest you invest in this beautiful collection of pure-gold bold jewelry.

Timeless design • forever loved.
On our jewelry webshop, we offer « Never take me off » kinda jewelry. Our solid gold jewelry will be a gift to remember, a piece of jewelry that lasts for a lifetime. With its timeless design, it is the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Symbol of independence or for showing your love. Meant to be worn forever. Because sustainability never looked this good. From fine rings to bold hoops, our large range of sustainable jewelry satisfies any taste.

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