Go itch free • hypoallergenic jewelry

We've often heard you ladies say, "no I can't wear those silver earrings anymore, I had an allergic reaction." As a jewelry brand that wants you to be your best self; we wanted to address this issue that we feel is preventing you from shining and your elegance from being shown. What if we told you that the Bound Studios jewelry collection is completely hypoallergenic? With that, no more excuses and no more risks of unpleasant allergic reactions in the middle of a business meeting or a night out. Wear our fine jewelry without worries, thanks to their precious materials selected for your personal well-being.

We strive to manufacture our jewelry under the most ethical and sustainable conditions, taking care of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Our jewelry is designed in Amsterdam, our home, and then manufactured in Portugal with the highest quality recycled materials available. Each of our brand's bold jewelry pieces is made of recycled sterling silver or 18-karat recycled gold
plating. And with the highest quality materials made in Europe, we guarantee you'll soon forget of your old allergic reactions! And best of all, our precious jewelry; our fine rings or bold bands are so light that it becomes a part of you. That even when you fall asleep, you won't even feel that you’re still wearing
your jewelry.

As a sustainable brand, taking care of our customers is our main objective, and making jewelry that meets your needs is something that we cannot ever neglect. So, for those who are in need, do not wait any longer. Find our entire collection of low footprint hypoallergenic jewelry at our store, in the heart of Amsterdam or shop our most beautiful pieces on our online jewelry store www.bound-studios.com.