Your body chemistry & gold plated jewelry.

Your body chemistry & gold plated jewelry.

Demystifying gold plated jewelry: Why some wear faster than others

Gold plated jewelry has captured the hearts of many with its elegance and affordability. However, the durability of gold plating can vary widely. Let's dive into two significant factors influencing its lifespan: individual body chemistry and exposure to moisture and chemicals.

1. Individual body chemistry

Our skin's chemistry is as unique as our fingerprint. This individuality contributes to the variation in how fast gold plating fades. The acidity and composition of sweat, in combination with the pH level of our skin, can either extend or diminish the life of the gold plating. Those with higher skin acidity might experience quicker fading, as the chemicals in sweat can react with the golden layer on your gold plated rings, gold plated earrings & sustainable hoops. This is why two people wearing the same gold plated ring may experience different rates of fading.

2. Exposure to moisture and chemicals: The underestimated enemy.

Moisture and chemicals are formidable adversaries for gold plated jewelry. Water, lotions, soaps, and cleaning agents can accelerate the erosion of the gold layer. When exposed to these elements, the layer of gold plating on your sustainable jewelry can wear off more rapidly. For instance, wearing gold plated rings while washing hands or applying lotion can lead to fading of the gold plating.

At Bound Studios, we understand the significance of longevity in gold plated jewelry. Our commitment to sustainable and minimalistic jewelry extends to ensuring that your pieces stand the test of time. That's why we employ a 3-micron gold plating technique. This process involves depositing a thicker layer of gold onto the jewelry, providing durability. We plate each piece, from gold rings to other jewelry like golden hoops etc, to ensure that your jewelry remains radiant and elegant for an extended period. 

While gold plated jewelry may require some special care, there are steps you can take to prolong its allure:

- Remove before water activities: Whether it's swimming, showering, or doing dishes, removing your gold plated jewelry minimizes its exposure to moisture.

- Avoid contact with chemicals: Perfumes, lotions, oils, and cleaning agents can react with the gold plating. Put on your jewelry after applying such substances.

- Gentle cleaning: Use a soft cloth like the polishing cloth you receive with every order to clean your jewelry and avoid abrasive cleaning methods.

- Proper storage: Storing your jewelry separately, preferably in an airtight pouch, prevents friction and contact with other items that might cause wear.

In conclusion, the varying durability of gold plated jewelry is influenced by individual body chemistry and exposure to moisture and chemicals. At Bound Studios, we're committed to crafting sustainable jewelry that not only embodies elegance but also endures. Our 3-micron gold plating technique ensures that your gold plated rings and other pieces retain their radiance, symbolizing both style and sustainability.

Next to that we also offer a re-plating service where you can get your jewelry gold plated and make it look brand new.

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