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Meet Coco, the timeless cuff bracelet. Crafted by artisans with five generations of expertise. It's the perfect accessory for everyday wear, resonating with a commitment to sustainability and style.

The heart of our cuff bracelet design is sustainability as we take pride in our use of recycled materials, which not only withstand changing fashion trends but also positively impact our planet. Each Coco cuff bracelet speaks volumes about sustainable jewelry, all while contributing to reforestation efforts by planting two trees for every piece sold.

The Coco cuff bracelet is a testament to simplicity and durability, handcrafted to be a lifelong companion. It seamlessly combines versatility and sophistication, making it a flawless addition to any look, whether for a day at the office or a night out with friends.

These organic shapes align with your conscientious choices, embodying the harmonious balance between fashion and sustainability.

Dress this cuff bracelet up or down with any gold earrings and/or gold rings

Organically shaped. Bold. Elegant. Sustainable.
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