All about hypoallergenic jewelry

All about hypoallergenic jewelry

The ultimate guide to hypoallergenic jewelry: Safety, style, and sustainability

Are you tired of itchy, irritated skin caused by your jewelry? Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to hypoallergenic jewelry! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore why hypoallergenic options like sterling silver, gold plated, and solid gold jewelry are the safest bets for your skin. Not only are they gentle on sensitive skin, but they also offer style, quality and sustainability. Let's dive in!

What is hypoallergenic jewelry?
Hypoallergenic jewelry is specially designed to minimize the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Unlike traditional jewelry materials that may contain nickel or other allergens, hypoallergenic options prioritize skin safety without compromising on style.

What isn't hypoallergenic jewelry?
Stainless steel and brass jewelry, while durable and cheap, may not be hypoallergenic due to the presence of allergenic metals like nickel. They can also tarnish over time, unlike materials such as sterling silver or solid gold, which offer greater longevity and shine.

When choosing jewelry, consider hypoallergenic options to minimize the risk of skin irritation and ensure lasting quality. Below we summed up our favorite allergen free jewelry materials:

Skin-friendly comfort: sterling silver
Sterling silver jewelry is a classic choice loved for its timeless elegance and skin-friendly properties. Made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals like copper, sterling silver is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Its versatility and durability make it a staple in any jewelry collection.

Luxurious shine, gentle on the skin: gold plated jewelry
Gold plated jewelry offers the luxurious look of gold at a more affordable price point. By bonding a layer of gold onto a base metal like sterling silver, gold plated pieces provide a hypoallergenic alternative with a glamorous finish. With proper care, they can maintain their shine for years to come.

Hypoallergenic luxury: solid gold jewelry
For those seeking the ultimate in hypoallergenic luxury, solid gold jewelry is the golden standard. Available in various karats like 14k, 18k, and 24k, solid gold pieces contain little to no alloys, making them highly resistant to tarnishing and skin irritation. Investing in solid gold jewelry ensures both style and peace of mind.

When it comes to jewelry, safety and style should go hand in hand. With hypoallergenic options like sterling silver, gold plated, and solid gold jewelry, you can enjoy both without compromise. Say goodbye to skin irritation, itch and discomfort and hello to hypoallergenic elegance that stands the test of time. Choose wisely, wear confidently, and let your jewelry be a reflection of your values and personal style.

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