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The problem with planting trees

Tree planting for charity has been a popular trend for years. However, there has been backlash about how most charities prioritize profit over community and mass planting of monoculture trees. But in 2020, we have researched and found a way to give back to nature sustainably.

90% of tree-planting charities engage in monoculture, which is unsustainable and not beneficial to forests. In contrast, we partner with Tree Sisters, which looks at each area and how it can be restored and protected. They aim to protect endangered species and restore forests in a detailed and personalized manner in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Nepal, and Cameroon.

Tree Sisters is a women-led charity that uses 80% of donations for reforestation programs, covering everything from seedlings to monitoring and replanting if necessary. The remaining 20% is dedicated to feminine empowerment and social change work.

We are committed to planting two trees for every order you place with Bound, not just as a campaign but as a promise to Mother Nature. We encourage you to learn more about Tree Sisters and their fantastic work on their website.

As a sustainable jewelry webshop, we believe in giving back to the environment, and we hope you join our community on social media and subscribe to our weekly emails. Don't forget to check out our stunning jewelry sets!


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