Our re-plating service

Introducing our re-plating service: A Golden Second Chance

Ever fallen head over heels for a piece of gold vermeil jewelry, like those stunning gold rings or gold earrings that enhance any look? We get it. Our designs seamlessly blend with every style, becoming a part of your day to day. But, as time goes by, daily wear, tear and little care can leave your gold-plated treasures looking a little dull or faded.

Gold-plated jewelry, as comfy and stylish as it is, may lose its golden layer due to exposure to sweat, chemicals, oils, or the inevitable nicks and scratches that come with everyday life. But here's the exciting news: we now offer a re-plating service!

How it works •
Simply send us your BOUND STUDIOS jewelry, and we'll work our magic right here in The Netherlands. Our amazing gold-plating process is done by hand, ensuring that each piece is treated with the utmost care. We've partnered with the best gold-plating experts in the country to guarantee exceptional results.That actually last. 
Do you have silver BOUND STUDIOS jewelry and would you like to make it gold? This too is possible with our re-plating service

Why consider re-plating?
Choosing our Replating Service gives your cherished pieces a second life. Your jewelry will return to you looking almost brand new, shining with the same brilliance that caught your eye the first time. 
Our collaboration with renowned gold-plating specialists ensures that your jewelry is treated with expertise. We understand that your favorites deserve nothing but the best.

Good things do take time. The entire process, from sending us your jewelry to receiving it back in its renewed glory, takes approximately four weeks. But trust us, the wait is absolutely worth it.

*We don’t make any profit on this, this is simply a service to offer you and show you appreciation for being part of our customer circle. 

We're here to keep golden earrings and gold rings shiny and gold.
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