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End of the year ritual

New year, new you. What have been your biggest lessons this year? What made your heart beat faster? What did you start loving like never before? And what did no longer work for you?

It's been one hell of a year. Full of world problems, sadness, frustration, loss and new found awareness. We thought that 2020 was a though one but 2021 almost beat it. In astrology they said that 2020 was only there to prepare us for 2021.

It was a year full of enhanced emotions, growth, endings and new beginnings. What better way to end the year with some reflecting questions and setting new  intentions for a new pair of 12 fresh months ahead.

Before we meet our loved ones and go party; Let's fill your favorite mug with tea (or wine), grab a blanket, note book and your best pen and let's reflect, write down our lessons, goals and become even better than yesterday.

This year:

What was my best highlight?

What am I most grateful for this year?

What new skills have I explored and discovered this year?

What was my most selfless act this year?

Which 3 words best describe this year? 

What fears did I overcome this year and am I overcoming in 2022?

What made my heart beat faster?

What new passions / hobbies am I bringing into the new year?

What are the biggest lessons I've learned?

Have I been holding back? If yes, why?

What am I letting go?

What bad habits are no longer serving me?

My new intentions are:

My goals I'm working towards are:

In 2022:

I am letting go off ___________

I am improving my ___________

I am inviting___________

I am ___________

2022 if full of ____________

I am, and so it is.


I hope this reflection exercise is as powerful as it is here at Bound. May you have a year full of love, luck, bold rings, sustainable earrings and jewelry stacks like ever before. And eat, drink & wear our fruits & veggies pendants more than ever!

We are working hard on new sustainable jewelry designs for the coming year and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for your support, thank you for your part in our community. Forever grateful.

Happy new year!

Bold. Elegant. Essential. Sustainable.

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