Decoding Jewelry Materials

Decoding Jewelry Materials

In the realm of jewelry, the materials chosen have a profound impact on both aesthetics and environmental considerations. In an era marked by heightened eco-awareness, the utilization of recycled materials has become a hallmark of responsible production. Let's dissect the distinct attributes of sterling silver, 3-micron gold vermeil, 9k solid gold, and 14k solid gold – not just as exquisite jewelry constituents but as conscious choices.

925 sterling silver's enduring appeal •

Our jewelry isn't merely decorative; it's a statement about our commitment to sustainable practices. The choice of sterling silver, lauded for its resilience and radiance, goes beyond surface allure. By utilizing recycled sterling silver, we amplify our sustainability endeavors, addressing environmental concerns associated with the dangerous working environments for the miners & conscious jewelry production.
Protect its shine by storing in a cool, dry place, preferably in an anti-tarnish pouch or cloth; clean with a silver polishing cloth to remove tarnish.

The allure of gold vermeil •

Elegance and eco-consciousness converge with 3-micron gold vermeil – a technique that binds recycled gold onto sterling silver. This combination presents an opportunity for affordable opulence without compromising on sustainability. From our oval hoops to bold rings, each piece exemplifies the fusion of luxury and ethical considerations. It does need extra care. Please read more about the gold vermeil product care here.
Shield from moisture, perfume, and chemicals; wipe with a soft cloth after wear and store separately to prevent scratching or rubbing.

9k & 14k Solid Gold

The allure of solid gold, be it 9k or 14k, extends beyond opulence. These pieces aren't just style statements; they reflect our unwavering dedication to ethical craftsmanship. Through the use of recycled gold, we actively mitigate the demand for new resources, making a substantial contribution to a more sustainable jewelry industry.
As solid gold is extremely durable, it is a great choice for gold lovers that never want to take off their jewelry.

For solid 9k gold: Clean gently with warm soapy water and a soft brush; avoid abrasive cleaners and store individually to prevent scratching.
For solid 14k gold: Rinse in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth; periodic professional cleaning will help maintain its radiance and minimize surface scratches.

The essence of recycled materials goes far beyond a trend; it signifies a conscious shift towards a more sustainable future. By repurposing existing resources, we curtail the need for fresh materials and their associated environmental toll. From oval hoops to bold hoops, from minimalistic jewelry to intricate designs, our utilization of recycled materials underscores our commitment to environmentally mindful production.

Our Pledge to Sustainability

In a world where every decision counts, choose jewelry that resonates with your principles. At Bound Studios, our sustainable pieces transcend the confines of adornment; they encapsulate a message of change. Join us in elevating the status quo of oval hoops, minimalistic jewelry, bold rings, and bold hoops – making them not just items of personal expression, but also symbols of a collective commitment to a more sustainable future.

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