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Our jewelers in Portugal are the 5th generation working in their family jewelry studio. You see this generational quality back in our designs. Explore our exclusive range of gold hoop earrings, gold rings & silver rings that are all crafted from recycled materials.

At BOUND, our passion for jewelry craftsmanship intertwines with our commitment to our planet through sustainability. Each piece in our jewelry collection, crafted with precision and utmost care, all with you and our beloved planet in mind.
Among our everyday premium jewelry, you'll find an abundance of gold earrings, ranging from elegant studs to bold gold hoops. Complementing these, our collection is also filled a selection of silver hoop earrings, each minimalistic or organically shaped to captivate eyes on your elevated look.
For those seeking consciously handcrafted jewelry, our golden rings filled with with ethically sourced stones stand as a testament to our dedication to sustainable luxury. Handcrafted and inspired by timeless elegance, these pieces are designed to transcend fleeting trends.
In our journey to offer inclusivity and diversity, our collection extends to a range of gold rings made specifically for women - by women. Each filled with elegance and grace. Similarly, our silver rings crafted for men exemplify refined masculinity, showcasing design and craftsmanship.
In the name of sustainability, we take pride in offering not only exquisite sustainable jewelry but also a conscious choice especially for this day and age. Our range of silver earrings and bold, statement-making large earrings are a testament to our belief that luxury should never compromise on ethics.