Gold plated jewelry

Gold plated jewelry: the best summer gift of 2022

You might think that gold plated jewelry will not last over time, that it is not as sentimental as solid gold jewelry or maybe that recycled sterling silver is less pure and trustful. Well, let us change your mind, the Bound Studios team only works with the highest quality recycled precious metals and high quality 18k or rhodium plating. So don’t be afraid of trusting our beautiful gold plated rings or gold plated earrings from or jewelry webshop!
Our gold plated jewelry is here to give your style a bit of elegance and boldness! You can mix and match or choose one of our sets to combine our beautiful and fine jewelry. And what’s better than having gold plated jewelry for every season. Sustainable jewelry for every occasion.
We are known for the use of high quality premium 18k gold plated jewelry

Our bold rings are plated with 3 micron 18k gold. This is 3-6 times more than most gold plated jewelry. "Never kinda take me off" rings? No problem. All our gold plated jewelry is also available in solid 14k gold. Made to order. 

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