"For years, I searched for actually good looking sustainable jewelry, but the options were either outdated vintage pieces or quirky handmade items using materials like wood and feathers. As a lover of classic silver and goldEN (plated) pieces, I felt torn between my personal style and my desire to minimize my environmental impact on the fashion industry. This disconnect fueled my passion to create a brand that addressed both style and sustainability. So, I founded BOUND, a jewelry haven where timeless design meets premium quality and sustainable practices, merging the best of all worlds. I'm thrilled to share it with you!"

- Malu Ultee


Welcome to BOUND STUDIOS, a jewelry brand powered by women. Discover our range of sustainable, bold, modern, and elegant designs—your go-to for European-made craftsmanship.

Our jewelers are the 5th generation running the studio & you can see this quality back in our designs. All our jewelers are paid fairly, so our sustainable jewelry is good karma jewelry guaranteed. 

At the heart of our brand is a commitment to sustainable yet high-quality materials. We utilize recycled sterling silver + recycled gold and offer premium 18k gold plating. To ensure longevity, our silver rings & other silver jewelry are rhodium-plated to prevent oxidation. Our gold plated rings boast a substantial 3 micron layer of 18k gold—3-6 times more than standard gold plated rings.

Not really into sterling silver nor gold vermeil, we offer most of our designs in solid 14k gold. These future vintage pieces are made to order in Portugal. 

We strive to make your shopping experience enjoyable and personal. Treat yourself in our timeless designs, all backed by a reassuring 2-year warranty & lifetime of support.

BOUND STUDIOS: Where sustainability meets style. Hypoallergenic jewelry. For the modern conscious human.


BOUND isn't just a jewelry brand - it's a commitment to responsible crafting and mindful consumption.

Since 2020, we've woven sustainability into every thread of our journey, offering exquisite pieces that stand the test of time without compromising our planet's well-being.

European craftsmanship & recycled materials: Each piece is carefully crafted in Portugal using recycled sterling silver and recycled gold, minimizing waste and reducing our environmental impact. This ensures a lower carbon footprint and responsible resource management.

European made plastic-free packaging: Our commitment extends beyond the jewelry itself. We use plastic-free reusable packaging to store your jewelry in.

Cruelty-free pinky promise: Compassion is at the heart of our brand. We proudly use no materials derived from animals, such as pearls (oysters are living beings too), feathers, or leather, ensuring no harm comes to living beings in our pursuit of luxury.

Lab grown gemstones:  We believe in ensuring the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants, reflected in every step of our sourcing process. Using recycled materials and lab grown crystals to leave the mines and therefor our planet alone.

We reject the fleeting trends of fast fashion, instead focusing on creating enduring, sustainable pieces that transcend seasons and occasions. Each piece is designed to be cherished, crafted with intention and built to last.

We understand that everyone's journey to sustainability is unique. If you prefer to minimize packaging waste, simply let us know when placing your order, and we'll happily skip the jewelry box, polish cloth, and/or personal note.

For us is sustainability a lifestyle, and a future we actively co-create with our community. By choosing BOUND, you're not just getting stunning jewelry; you're joining a movement for a more responsible and beautiful world.

Let's rewrite the narrative of fashion, one timeless piece at a time.


"BOUND STUDIOS isn't just a brand; it's a journey that began in my early years, listening to my mother's tales of working in the jewelry industry throughout Europe.

As the years progressed, so did my aspirations - being obsessed with aesthetics (still). By the time I was 10, I was already envisioning a future as a fashion designer. Attending fashion camps at such a young age only fueled that ambition.

Fast forward to my teenage years, where a significant shift occurred—I was living a devoted vegan lifestyle. For nearly 5 years, sustainability became a core principle, and my understanding of our planet's challenges deepened. This time I was desperate for good tasting good and good looking sustainable fashion - especially jewelry.

To now, with years of experience melding these aspects — jewelry, fashion, and sustainability — I present BOUND STUDIOS. Our focus is on sustainable jewelry that marries premium aesthetics with a minimized environmental footprint.

Part of our commitment involves more than just jewelry; it's about giving back to our beloved planet we get to call our home. For every order placed, we plant two trees—a small act contributing to a greener planet. "

- A devoted modern day tree hugger,
Malu Ultee