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Our Sustainability Efforts

The jewelry industry's impact on the environment has been devastatingly bad, with land destruction, water pollution, deforestation, and excessive waste production. As a brand, we understand the implications of these damages and have taken steps to protect our planet to another level. 

We start at the root of production, where the extraction of silver and gold by small-scale miners leads to significant emissions of mercury into the air, soil, and water, causing environmental and health problems. We work only with recycled sterling silver, recycled 14K solid gold, and recycled 18K gold plating for our sustainable jewelry sets. Using recycled metals saves 94% more energy, and we hope to inspire other jewelry brands to follow our sustainable path.

Our efforts also extend to our avoidance of animal-related materials, such as pearls. While pearls are considered cruelty-free, their harvesting process is not. We produce beautiful jewelry without harming living things by using alternative materials.

Additionally, we only offer timeless designs instead of trendy items, reducing negative environmental impacts. We partner with Tree Sisters to support reforestation programs and feminine empowerment, planting two trees per order to protect the planet.

Our sustainable jewelry is made from start to finish, packaged in recycled paper and organic cotton. Follow our journey and join us in protecting the planet. Shop on our jewelry webshop and don't forget to be you - be bound.

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