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May favorites

Welcome to a new blog series from Bound Studios. Every month we will highlight some of our favorite jewelry, podcast, series, movies, workouts, meditations, you name it.

This month we've included the big hoop energy, our spring feel good playlist and all time favorite guided meditation.



Hoop earrings are one of the oldest fashion pieces in the world today. Because they have their own unique elegance, they are the ultimate statement pieces for women all around the world.

Our signature bold hoops are an all time favorite and highlighted in our May favorite list. The perfect big hoop yet the perfect weight - not too heavy, not too light. Perfect for the bold days. When you want lift up your outfit, mood and go.
Let's go for the big hoop energy my love. And don’t hold back - be bound, be bold. 

The Kendal hoops are available as a single hoop or a pair. Sterling silver with rhodium plating. Or for the golden girl we have the gold plated earrings in 18k gold. 



Spring is here and it’s time to switch to lighter clothes. Dance, move, enjoy the sunshine with the Bound Studios playlist. Boost your energy on your way to work or go for a lovely walk before you start working from home. Lift your mood & listen to our spring favorites filled with feel good and lo-fi beets that we keep adding the best songs to.

Click here to listen to your new BOUND playlist. Shuffle away!



Founder Malu Ultee keeps calm and in peace by meditating every morning and evening. But when our mind is racing 100 km per hour and we like to be guided back to inner peace - this meditation is our go to. A sweet 20 minutes to calm the mind. 

Listen to the May favorite meditation here & wind down. Let go of any fears, anxiety and stress. 

Tip to listen to this before you go to bed and already turned off your phone. Be prepared to sleep like a baby. 

Click here to listen to our favorite guided meditation.


Hope you like these favorites as much as we do. Let us know what you think and if you have any favorites for next month for us to try and maybe implement in our next months favorites.


Lots of love,





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