Gold plated rings

We all know that today, the most lovely thing is to wear sustainable rings. You like to have all our fingers worn with beautiful gold plated rings? Bound Studios has a beautiful collection & sustainable jewelry including gold plated rings that could fit any style. Timeless & bold, our gold plated rings like the Panda Ring could mix and match any of our other fine jewelry like gold plated hoops or any other bold hoops you could find on our jewelry webshop. Maybe you need the perfect present for your loved ones or your favorite person in the world? The Bound Studio’s gold plated rings are a great idea to find the gift to remember.

Fine jewelry is something you have to wear with boldness and elegance. And
thanks to Bound Studios, you can also be sustainable with sustainable jewelry. We took the responsibility of climate change and are committed to be a low footprint online brand with our jewelry webshop. Discover our premium quality sterling silver fine jewelry: our hoops, and all our rings online are responsibly made.

We make this happen by manufacturing all our bold jewelry in Europe with
recycled sterling silver, European made plastic free packaging and not using any animal related materials. All our sustainable jewelry is made from premium recycled metals are ethically sourced, no living beings nor planet is harmed in the process. You will only find premium recycled sterling silver jewelry, solid 14k gold and 18k gold plated jewelry, sustainably sourced gemstones and crystals back in our designs.