Sterling silver jewelry: the must of the year at Bound Studios?

Modern fine jewelry sustainably made. Sterling silver jewelry is something you love. And you would die for being a new pair of sterling silver hoops. Well, Bound studios has the perfect sterling silver jewelry. From fine rings to bold hoops, our sterling silver jewelry is made of 100% recycled sterling silver, to provide you with the best sustainable and precious fine jewelry to give you a responsible and smooth experience.

So, don’t hesitate to shop our sustainably made sterling silver jewelry to make
your outfit unique and lovely in any occasion. Our timeless fine jewelry make our jewelry webshop simple and elegant, to cherish the woman who want to express their self-love with sterling silver jewelry.

For Bound, sustainability means; providing timeless designs, recycled sterling silver jewelry, being a plastic free fine jewelry brand, working with external companies that have good working conditions, not believing in fast fashion and only using vegan precious metals. Shop our sustainable ring: The Panda Ring available in sterling silver or if you changed your mind, go for our gold plated jewelry between all our rings online!