About Bound Studios.

BOUND STUDIOS is a women run jewelry brand. With us, you go with sustainable, bold, modern & elegant designs. European made.

A jewelry brand around beauty & sustainability.

The founder of our sustainable brand, Malu Ultee, started Bound with an inspired mind to love & create, in 2019. Born and raised in Amsterdam by a forward thinking and independent entrepreneurial single mother.



After dreaming for years to become a fashion designer, the little girl that she was decided to see jewelry as bold & elegant.

The teams' mission is to be your go to sustainable jewelry brand for all your essential jewelry with timeless & nice designs. Classic jewels for the modern society, ethically made in Europe. Rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets: find what you need for a gift or for yourself.

The vision that drives use every day is to be able to enjoy beautiful things, express our creativity and style without plundering our beloved planet earth. Being kind to all living things - and still being able to enjoy premium quality pieces in your life.

What do we do at Bound Studios?

Today, it's been 3 years that we try to bring those three aspect together of sustainable jewelry design for you to enjoy premium jewelry with a low footprintWe are known for use of high quality recycled sterling silver and our premium 18k gold plating. Our rings are plated in 3 micron, 3-6 times more than most gold plated rings. 
Offering an amusing & personal shopping experience while you choose your favorite jewelry from our timeless designs. You can easily find us in Amsterdam at the Bound Store or in many stores all around the world. To follow up our latest and trendy jewelry, you can find us on Instagram & TikTok🌻