Oval earrings: your go-to when you’re bored of the same old earrings

Bored with the same old round hoops? Then the oval earrings will be the
perfect one for you! Sustainable jewelry designed for anyone who would like
to try something new! BOUND STUDIOS offer you selections of beautiful,
elegant jewelry high quality oval earrings & oval hoops that are timeless and
fun. Want something you can wear day to day basis, something you can wear
to sleep, exercise, and work? Then The Molly Hoops are for you! Want oval
earrings to spice up your look, something chunky and bold? Go for The Harley
Hoops! Oval earrings are the perfect sustainable earrings that you need to
have now.

Want to get them as a gift for your lover but do not know how to
choose jewelry for girlfriend? Do not worry because oval earrings are meant
to suit everyone! Pick a pair that is small if they are minimalistic or go for the
bold hoops oval earrings if they like something fancy. They are definitely the
go-to for when you’re bored of the same old earrings! We have all our oval
hoops available in sterling silver hoops, gold plated hoops and solid gold.