Gold Plated Hoops

Gold is your color of summer? You are looking for fine jewelry for shining
during all your sunny holidays? At Bound Studios, we have a collection of fine
jewelry made out of sterling silver and 18k gold plated jewelry. Find our large
range of fine rings and other gold plated jewelry, like gold plated hoops, gold
plated earrings and a lot of other lovely surprises on our jewelry webshop.
Our gold plated hoops are ethically made in Europe and designed in
Amsterdam to give you a sustainable experience from the purchase to your
lovely outfit. Shop our beautiful gold plated hoops to mix and match with other
of our fine jewelry like our fine rings like the Panda ring, or other bold
hoops that we offer.
The gold plated hoops we make are totally sustainable, and made to last and
to offer you a gift to remember. Want to find the perfect gift for your best
friend? Or find the perfect gold plated hoops to spoil yourself sustainable
jewelry? Those Bound Studios hoops are the best for you.