We hear it everywhere nowadays; gold plated, gold vermeil, gold filled. But what does it mean? And what is gold even?
Gold is a expensive product - even though there are more rare metals but less valuable. Scientist believe that gold arrived on earth through two neutron stars from space that crashed into earth around 3.9 billion years ago. The first human contact with the material was around 40.000 years ago.
But what makes gold so special? It is a very versatile metal that can be formed and changed in many ways without damaging the material. Make it as thin so men can eat it or liquid so we can dip anything in gold.
On our entire planet we have around 190.000 tons of gold. Which 50% is in jewelry. Woops!
Gold comes in three colors: yellow, white (looks silver) and rose gold. These types of gold can be measured in karats.
24 karat is the purest form and is 100% gold. Then you have 18 (75% gold), 14 (58,5% gold) and 10 (41.7% gold).
The rest of the percentages is filled with other hypo allergenic metals.
So a jewelry piece that is solid 14k gold, is still seen as solid gold but the total piece contains 58.5% gold and is mixed with other materials to make it more affordable and the color less bright.
I personally prefer the 18k yellow gold. The plating, color and shine are just timeless.
So this is all very personal.
So what do we do when it's not solid
golden jewelry?
- Gold vermeil is a sterling silver dipped in gold. - Gold plated is any other material dipped in gold. - Gold filled is a thick layer of gold. The whole piece needs to be at least 5% gold to be called gold filled.
Then we have microns. This is micro centimeters in which we measure how much gold is on a vermeil or plated piece. This is how you know how long the piece will stay gold and the quality of the plating.
We use 1 micron 18k yellow gold for our earrings,
bracelets and necklaces. For our rings we use
3 micron to make sure you can enjoy the ring as
long as you desire.
For now we only offer high quality 3 micron gold vermeil
jewelry en 14k golden pieces. 
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