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Debunking the misconception


Gold plated jewelry has gotten a bad rep over the last decade. You’ve probably heard that the gold fades away after only wearing it for a few days, that it isn’t waterproof or that you’re allergic and that you get blue stains all over your body.

Let me explain. There are two different types of gold plating. You have gold plated, which is the broad term of something that has a gold coating. Under this layer of gold you can have any type of material. Usually it is steel or silver. But you also have the term gold vermeil, which is pronounced as ‘gold ver-may’. This is gold plated sterling silver.

Steel is a material that a lot of people get an allergic reaction from which can cause itching, swelling and blue stains. It is a versatile material but not for everyone. And because it is a cheap material, it’s a poorly regulated material that can contain heavy metals you don’t want to have close to your body.

A lot of jewelry brands that use this material often still plate it with a thin layer of gold but have chosen gold colored steel to make sure the jewelry stays gold.

Sterling silver is a more premium material that is naturally hypo allergic. It is very rare for people to have an allergic reaction to. After a while it can start to oxidize but is easily cleaned with a polishing cloth.

I would say that approximately 80% of the gold vermeil jewelry is plated with 1 micron or less. Meaning some jewelry on the market is plated with 0,3 micron which gives the beautiful gold color but after wearing it for a week, it will probably start to fade. A micron indicates the thickness of the layer of gold.

1 micron gold works wonders for gold plated earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets; because they don’t scratch as easily as rings and don’t come in a lot of contact with anything else but your skin. Like all our sustainable jewelry, they last a very long time. We have many customers that wear our 1-micron fine jewelry every single day and are still perfectly gold. And if you choose to take off your sustainable jewelry every day, they have a big chance to stay shiny and gold for a lifetime.

With our sustainable rings we chose to plate them with 3 micron 18k gold. This is on average 3 to 6 times more than most gold plated jewelry. At bound we’ve been wearing our gold plated rings every single day for years and they still look amazing. We highly recommend being careful with oils. This can fade the plating of the ring. But water itself is completely safe.

We truly believe in the power of gold plated jewelry. It is a nice way to enjoy golden jewelry that isn’t too expensive with a quality you can enjoy for a very long time. Because if the plating wouldn’t last, it wouldn’t be sustainable.

Never feel like taking off your premium pieces? We get it. Luckily we offer all our designs in 14k solid gold. Made to order!

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