Exchange program

At BOUND STUDIOS, we're excited to tell you about our Jewelry Exchange Program—an initiative designed to align with our commitment to sustainability and responsible practices.

How it works •

Participating is simple— Email us here where you need to fill in what you’re sending back and your order number. Return any BOUND STUDIOS jewelry piece purchased after January 1st, 2021, and receive 50% of the original purchase price in the form of shop credit which you can use on our online jewelry store.

This exclusive offer pertains exclusively to our in-house designs, ensuring that our sustainability standards are maintained. Our skilled artisans repurpose these materials, creating fresh, captivating designs while minimizing waste. The Exchange Program is a commitment to a circular economy. By recycling materials, we actively contribute to waste reduction and emphasize the enduring value of each component.

Email us here and start looking for your new jewelry!