Are you looking for a 14k ring that pairs well with your daily outfits? You are sure to find what you are looking for in the extensive collection of BOUND STUDIOS. In our online jewelry store and in our concept store in Amsterdam you find a wide variety of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Each of these bijouterie pieces has a simple, yet elegant design. A 14k ring from our collection is perfect for everyday wear and is the right accessory for every look, whether it’s casual or formal.

A beautiful 14k ring made out of sustainable materials

A 14k ring from our jewelry brand is the perfect accessory that gives your outfit a notable final touch. Our collection consists of many different gold plated rings that are fitted with various layers of gold. That way, you will be able to enjoy your ring for a long time. Underneath the layers of gold is high-quality recycled sterling. By using recycled materials, we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, so you can enjoy our sustainable jewelry guilt-free.

Purchase beautiful European bijouterie

Are you looking for European-made jewelry? Each 14k ring from our collection is designed in Amsterdam and made in Portugal. Would you like to learn more about our accessories or do you have any questions about a specific ring? You can mail us via or text to 06 42 04 94 20 to receive personal advice and support. Do you want to stay up to date? Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a weekly mail in which you’ll read about jewelry, self-love, crystals and receive special offers.

In a world bombarded with fleeting trends, finding á pair of golden earrings or silver rings is easy. But behind those accessible fashion accessories often lies an unfair trade.

Sustainable fashion and sustainable jewelry are becoming more normalized than ever before (which we love), but for us at BOUND, sustainable jewelry means more than just using sustainable materials or planting trees.

We ensure that both you and our planet are considered in every step. By creating sustainable jewelry with modern, timeless designs that you can cherish for longer, made from 100% recycled materials—from the making of jewelry to the shipping box. Explore our wide range of bestselling gold rings, silver rings, gold hoop earrings, and more on our jewelry webshop.

From our expanding collection of gold rings with stones to statement large earrings - our silver rings for women and any gold ring. We mindfully produce our pieces with the utmost care to ensure we offer you the best customer experience, every single time.