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Wild&theMoon: because a healthy cheat meal does exist

Summer is coming, the sun is shining again and we know, as women, how much you want to keep your figure to shine on the beach. But who said you had to eliminate restaurant outings with friends? Bound Studios says no. In case you didn't know, every woman is beautiful (and even more adorable with our fine jewelry). But more than that, we found this little restaurant in the south of Amsterdam for you. 


Wild&theMoon, a healthy restaurant from Paris run by nutritionists and naturopaths, to guarantee you a totally healthy and balanced lunch. Indulge yourself by discovering their 100% plant-based juices or their gluten-free dishes, if you are part of the allergy team, this lovely restaurant is made for you.

Granola bowls, vegan burgers or banana cakes, there is something for everyone. A gourmet menu rich in nutrients, to give you an iron health before the summer and all this, without feeling guilty. What’s better than a frenchie meal for summer?


Wild&theMoon is not only a restaurant, it’s also a movement created by chefs that want to share their way of life with seasonal food. Food that is good for you and your mindset, from all over the world so you can travel from your plate taking care of the planet with organic food.


What a delicious crush that us, greedy women from Bound Studios, we find for our lovely jewelry addict. What if you worn your best outfit going to this healthy spot in the city?


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