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Bound Studios is a journey that started when I was a 4 year old little girl listening to my mom talking about working in the jewelry industry all over Europe. I always wanted to try on her beautiful jewelry and was impatiently waiting for that moment.

To 6 years later when I, Malu was having big dreams of becoming a fashion designer and attending several fashion camps at a young age.

Fast forward to becoming a devoted passionate vegan for nearly 5 years while becoming aware of the state of our beloved planet and developing a passion for finding new ways of sustainably enjoying fashion in this day and age.

To now. 3 years of bringing all three aspect together of sustainable jewelry design. I would like to thank my mother for her inspiration, work ethic and supporting me to follow my dreams. My mentors, family & friends that have thought me so much along the way and being there for me during the highlights and stressful times. Thank you to my jewelry makers in Portugal, for making all our beautiful jewelry with recycled sterling silver with so much care and expertise (and bless their patience for when I change my mind ALL the time).

And thank YOU. For your trust and support.

Bound Studios has reached the 3 year mark today. And I could not be more grateful. Thank you - Thank you • THANK YOU!

Let's go year four! Full off sustainable jewelry; 18k hoops, oval earrings, bold rings and everyday chains.

Lots of love,

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