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Marine’s favorites: The Harley hoops

As a jewelry lover, I've always loved having lots of earrings in my ears. Every morning, I search my collection for the perfect pair to match my outfit of the day. Whether I'm going to the office or to a family dinner, I never go out without my jewelry. It's as if they are a part of me and help me dress up my sunny and outgoing personality. Coming to Bound Studios, their timeless and responsible designs were an opportunity for me to complete this little jewelry addiction I had throughout my teenage years.


I was looking for a pair of rings that were a little original, that would break away from the classic circle rings. When I discovered the Harley Hoops, their original oval shape allowed me to mix styles with simplicity. These bold rings are also responsible jewelry, made in Europe. And for me, wearing ethical jewelry was more than important to have an outfit that matched my values of authenticity.


So here is our crush of the month, the Harley Hoops, that I decided to associate with its little sisters: the Molly Hoops. A smaller version also available at the Bound Store, or also on our online jewelry store. To match our fine jewelry with our bold rings, you can also match our Harley Hoops with the Aurora Hoops available in 18k gold plated.

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