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Thegreenlabels: when eco-friendly brands become the essence of Amsterdam

You are an environmentally conscious woman. Whether it's with your consumption, food or even with your shopping to fill your dressing room, you now want to shop for pieces that have meaning and values. Look no further: the eco-responsible fashion platform Thegreenlabels opens its pop up store in the center of Amsterdam, to offer you the most adorable and qualitative brands available. 


Today, eco-friendly and vintage brands have a big impact and give difference to people who wants to affirm their independence with looks. If you want to be yourself with clothes, don’t miss Amsterdam brands. With strong values around eco-responsibility, thegreenlabels selects its brands by being totally transparent about the origin of the clothes, favoring fabrics made in Europe, ecological materials like recycled cotton, to guarantee a garment from a totally ethical and ecological production.


Bound Studios has entrusted you with its fashion crush, we strive to offer you brands that correspond to our values of self-love and independence, for any woman looking to assert her personality through an adorable outfit for the summer.


Head over to thegreenlabels and be sure to visit us at the Bound Store to complete your look with some bold jewelry. Or visit our online jewelry store

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